Sincere Chaos

This project connects to my greater interests in humanity and social issues. My own personal philosophy is at the heart of everything I do, my work, my life-- everything. It’s only when I have a full understanding of where I am and where I stand that I am able to create work that makes me proud and makes me come alive. It is necessary that I care about what I make. I want my work to have value, intrinsically and personally. Recently, I have turned my personal investigation of understanding outwards, in hopes of making connections and inspiring critical self-reflection. To understand others, you must understand yourself. Self awareness helps build a strong personal foundation, increasing a person’s ability to connect to others, socially, culturally and politically.

“Sincere Chaos” is a three part investigation. “I am” asks each person to identify themselves in whichever terms they wish. “In your skin” asks them to correlate a tone with their self-identified ethnic background. “You are the author” explores their inner thoughts in a few words. At its core, the investigation involves brief, yet contemplative, human interaction. Its very manifestation cannot exist without the gathering of personal material contributed by the participants. The goal is to connect people through a moment of self identity, and to provoke a genuine and intimate moment between strangers.

Behance: Sincere Chaos


Collection "I am"

Individual "I am" Cards


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