Living Docs

For over a year now, I have implemented the Living Docs initiative at my current job. Living Docs is not a development or design project. It is a ground up collection of resources and documents created to help my current team easily create processes and development techniques. I focused on collecting information for my team before introducing and supporting its launch and life. The problem I saw was a constant repetition of the same information between our team members. I first introduced Living Docs in GitPages. After seeing that GitPages was not robust enough, I switched to For about three months, I documented my process, knowledge and steps. Then I added two members, and asked them to contribute. Finally I presented it to my managers and they agreed to a trial run. Since then I have advocated for it, encouraging team participation and contribution. Eventually the entire team agreed it was useful and it is now a key part of our process. This project not only supported my love for organization, but it fed my love of peer mentorship and team development.

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